Urgent appeal for 2 year old Zooya

Zooya was born with spina bifida, and hydrocephalus, both requiring medical interventions.

We would like to get her seen by a neurosurgeon in the main hospital to give her a better chance of some quality of life.

At present Zooya is unable to sit up or crawl. She suffers from seizures, fever, and malaria.

Normally in Northern Ghana a child with so many severe problems would be left to die but her family are so committed to caring and loving for a disabled child.

Zoova’s original procedure was undertaken in the general hospital and while the procedure on the spinal cord was successful there have been many problems arising with the shunt placed in her head to drain off the fluid from her brain. She has been back and forth to the hospital with recurrent blockages in the shunt, causing distress and incurring a cost to the family who are under extreme pressure financially, especially as her mother has been forced to stop working in order to care for Zooya.

A referral to the neurosurgeon at the main hospital is estimated to be £2000 which is not an option for Zooya’s family.

We want to help this extraordinary family get Zooya the help she needs to live the best life possible.

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Please mark your donation as ‘Zooya’. Any additional funds raised will be directed towards the Nutrition Centre where Zooya has received care.