Update on the new maternity facility

1 in 16 mothers die in childbirth in Northern Ghana.

We’re working to change that.

Since the start of 2019 the legendary Mama P and her team has delivered over 700 babies and our staff have worked nonstop to provide excellent medical care to women and babies in needy areas. We are so grateful for the consistent dedication of our midwifes and are looking forward to providing them with the most advanced facility in Northern Ghana.

Currently our maternity unit is a single room with 3 beds for delivery of around 70 babies per month. Following birth the mother and baby are transferred back to a standard ward which is inadequate for excellent post natal care.

Our new maternity unit will be a 70 bed facility which includes a neo-natal unit, a dedicated ward for newborns and a women’s ward.

We are so please to share that the work has been started! The building is erected and the roof is completed. We now need to raise £150,000 ($200,000) to complete the interior and equip the facility.

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