The Nutrition Centre – Amiina’s Story

Amina is 9 years old and came to us at The Nutrition Centre at the age of 2. For a long time, and after treatment for malnutrition, she was still under weight.

She was later diagnosed with a hole in her heart.

For over 7 years she could not walk and dragged her bottom across the floor to move.

She desperately wanted to be able to dance at church and everyone admired her determination!

A donor wanted to support a trip to Holland for her to have surgery, but for this she needed to put on weight.


Amina was cared for at The Nutrition Centre once again with a special diet to further gain weight.

But miraculously the hole has closed and Amina no longer needs the surgery!

With support from donors, Amina’s mother, a single mother, has settled in a nearby town with her rent paid and is being supported to manage her small business of sewing dresses so that she can be close to The Nutrition Centre for further support and monitoring.

And now Amina is strong enough to be able to dance at church!



To find out about the work of The Nutrition Centre, here is our video (filmed pre COVID so social distancing and PPE was not required)