The King’s Village and COVID-19

At the moment there are just over 1000 confirmed cases of Covid-19 in Ghana. Here at The King’s Village we are thankful for the lockdown restrictions put in place as without them the virus could spread rapidly in rural areas with little access to clean water. At our health facilities we are preparing to serve the 200,000 people in our community. Please watch this video to find out how you can partner with us at this time.

???? £6 buys a 2 day supply of protective gloves
????£13 buys a 24 hour supply of soap for the medical centre
???? £15 buys a 2 day supply of face masks
???? £20 buys a batch of malaria test kits to distinguish between malaria and Covid-19
????‍⚕️£250 hires a locum doctor for 1 week or bank nurse for 1 month to provide extra staff at this time
????️ £7000 buys a portable ventilator, there is only one ventilator in The King’s Village

Click here to donate to our COVID-19 emergency fund.