Empowering our local community

At The King’s Village our aim is simple – to empower people in our local community.

We are blessed to have a strong team from the surrounding areas who all work hard every day of the year to care for, support and invest in the future of those on our projects. We employ 200 people at our health centre plus teachers across two schools.

Our employees are from Northern Ghana themselves and so they understand the challenges faced by those using our health centre and schools.

We are even now seeing new employees who have graduated from our schools!

This is why our education project is so important to us. We know that education not only provides more opportunities for those from rural communities, but also gives children the confidence to aspire to careers they previously did not think open to them.

Our hope is that these children will then go on to empower the next generation, and that the problems facing our rural communities, such as lack of basic amenities will be eliminated through creativity and innovation.

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